ConDB List Update #3


We’re part-way into February 2017, and we have 84 events loaded so far.

Just for your information, every convention is manually checked and links to the proper information are verified before the event goes live. We provide links to the actual event, the event page with the venue information, contact information for guests, authors, and panelists, and a link to their anti-harassment policy. Our job is to help you locate an event and to get you over to their website. Since the con websites vary and sometimes important information is buried (such as the actual venue location), we let the visitors know just where to go.

We normally link to the venue information on the con website, but if it is not at the level a traveler needs, we sometimes link right to the venue. The reason we prefer to send people to the con site is they sometimes have an affiliate code for their convention, and it would be better if visitors used the con affiliate accounts.

The only affiliate links we may use are for the book ads that are in the header.

Thanks for visiting!

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